From grilling, charring and sautéing to caramelizing, frying and roasting, Red Arrow’s authentic flavors emulate the experience of popular cooking methods. We capture the flavor nuances formed in traditional cooking methods to create our on-trend flavors. With the guidance of our experienced product developers and chefs, you can enhance food offerings to develop truly craveable and cost-effective items.


Our mission is the continued creation of new flavors, such as braised, seared or rotisserie-style, as well as customized flavors to meet your specific needs. Our senior flavorists and experienced culinary staff will work with your product and development teams to create signature flavor profiles that will perfectly fit your brand.


  • Produce truly authentic taste with contemporary cooking methods, such as cook-in-bag, steam and sous vide
  • Decrease cooking times and increase yields: reduce processing costs by using steam cooking or cook-in-bag technologies relying on Red Arrow’s Cooking Method Flavors, to deliver desired flavor impact
  • Build greater consistency in product flavor profiles
  • Capitalize on high-demand flavor profiles that drive sales
  • Use a healthier alternative to achieve a specific flavor rather than traditional methods like frying