Once only served on holidays, turkey has come a long way to being consumed weekly, if not daily. Authentic Cooking Method Flavors will turn everyday turkey into special-occasion turkey.

Note: Try some vegetarian pork flavors to enhance and builld the meaty, savory character.

Product Description Usage Rate Form Vegetarian Kosher Status
Fried Poultry Type 6093 Fried, fatty character that emulates fried flavor outside and moist turkey or chicken inside. 0.50% Oil Yes Kosher Pareve
Roastin’ 2002 Roast turkey flavor that provides a rich, meaty turkey note with a more subtle lightly-roasted turkey skin flavor. 0.50% Oil No Not Kosher
Nat Roast Turkey FL WONF RA13009 Rich roasted turkey meat with golden brown skin notes and subtle pan drippings. 0.25% Oil Yes Not Kosher