Fried foods have the ability to tempt the taste buds in a way that few other foods can. Red Arrow understands how to recreate this craveable taste by capturing the complex variations of the frying process. Whether using a vegetable or a meat, the complexities of Red Arrow’s chef-inspired flavors deliver an authentic fried taste. Our culinary team can also develop a signature fried flavor unique to your food items to create distinction.

Product Description Usage Rate Form Vegetarian Kosher Status
Nat Fried FL RA09020 Rich, oily, high-heat, fried note with subtle toasted note of fried breading system. .75% Oil Yes Kosher Pareve
Fried Poultry Type 6093 Fried, fatty character that emulates fried flavor outside and moist turkey or chicken inside. 0.50% Oil Yes Kosher Pareve
Nat FL Fried Potato Type 6158-OS High-heat, fried note balanced with soft, earthy, potato note characteristic of chips or French fries. 0.25% Oil Yes Kosher Pareve
Nat Fried Garlic FL WONF 6160-OS Freshly-fried, high heat, crispy, garlic flavor with a complex finish and slightly fresh garlic note. 0.25% Oil Yes Kosher Pareve
Nat Wok FL WONF RA07003-OS A lighter, complex high-heat fried or well-seasoned, wok-seared flavor with subtle base of fried onion, garlic and ginger. 0.50% Oil Yes Kosher Pareve
Fried RA15022 An oil-based flavor with a high heat seared protein character, similiar to cooking in a  wok or a cast iron pan. 0.50% Oil No Not Kosher