It’s so simple to take a chicken recipe from bland to GRAND with authentic Cooking Method Flavors. White or dark, wings or breasts, main dish or appetizer, we can help you choose the perfect flavor or work with you in the customization of a profile that will assist in building brand equity. Repeat sales, and driving costs out of your process, can be afforded to you when using these flavors.

Product Description Usage Rate Form Vegetarian Kosher Status
Nat Seared Chicken Type RA13008 Delectable, caramelized chicken profile that calls to mind a searing process that crisps and browns. 0.50% Dry Yes Kosher Pareve
Nat Fire Grilled Chicken FL WONF RA12057 Savory, grilled chicken flavor with the grill notes of an open hardwood fire. 0.50% Dry No Not Kosher
Nat Flame Roasted Chicken FL WONF RA12056 Savory, medium-browned, roasted chicken that calls to mind the richness of indirect flame roasting. 0.50% Dry No Not Kosher
Nat Roast Chicken FL WONF RA14006 Rich, savory, heavily-roasted chicken notes.   Full-bodied, fatty notes with a slight crisp skin profile.  Reminiscent of a fully-roasted, juicy chicken cooked in grandma’s oven. 0.50% Dry No Not Kosher
Nat Roast Chicken FL WONF RA09009 Roasted chicken flavor in an economical formulation featuring  a lightly-roasted, savory profile. 0.50% Dry No Not Kosher
Nat Rotisserie Chicken FL RA09066 Savory, juicy chicken note with fat-dripping flavor associated with the slow-roasting in a rotisserie oven. 0.35% Oil No Not Kosher
Nat Chicken Skin FL WONF RA08090-OS Savory, fatty, chicken-skin flavor with a slight roasted note in the background. 0.50% Oil No Not Kosher
Nat FL Chicken White Meat Type RA08084 Savory, cleanly-cooked white meat chicken.  Very useful as a building block flavor. 0.50% Dry Yes Kosher Pareve
Nat FL Dark Roast Chicken Skin Type RA08061 Heavily-roasted, savory, dark meat and chicken skin notes with a noticeable fatty perception. 0.50% Dry Yes Kosher Pareve
Roastin’ 9073 Roasted chicken skin flavor with upfront brown skin notes with background savory chicken. 0.50% Oil No Not Kosher
Fried Poultry Type 6093 Fried, fatty character that emulates fried flavor outside and moist turkey or chicken inside. 0.50% Oil Yes Kosher Pareve
Roastin’ 1013 Rich, roasted chicken note with a dark meat perception emulating Dutch oven roasted chicken. 0.50% Oil No Not Kosher
Nat Spit Roasted Chicken RA17023 A smoky, char and searing effect that is reminiscent of cooking directly over the heat source. Deep roast and succulent, mouth-watering fatty flavor attenuations. 0.50% Dry No Not Kosher
Outdoor Grilled Chicken RA17032 Charred marks from a hot grill are the foundation and the flavor builds with a medium smoke. Notes of sear round out the profile. 0.50% Dry Yes Kosher Pareve