Red Arrow’s roast, grill, meaty and smoke flavors can add flavor magic to value cuts of beef. Ground beef moves to the next level with our luscious, fatty Prime Rib flavor. A sirloin becomes tops with our Beef Tallow or Seared Beef flavors. Use our authentic beef cooking method flavors to create a taste unique to your brand or a taste as familiar as Grandma’s Sunday pot roast. Utilize undervalued cuts by adding flavor and incorporating these into a dining experience, where before these cuts would not have been considered.

Product Description Usage Rate Form Vegetarian Kosher Status
Nat Beef Tallow FL WONF RA10047-OS Fatty, rich, mouth-coating flavor with depth from real beef fat. 0.50% Oil No Not Kosher
Nat FL Beef Tallow Type RA07112-OS Fatty, rich, mouth-coating flavor and mouthfeel similiar to beef fat. 0.50% Paste Yes Kosher Pareve
Nat FL Vegetarian Tallow Type RA11018 Fatty, rich, mouth-coating flavor similiar to beef fat. 0.50% Dry Yes Kosher Pareve
Nat Carne Asada FL WONF RA13013 Upfront meaty note bursts into mingling of citrus, spice, charred, ash, seared, grilled and rare beef notes. 0.50% Dry No Not Kosher
Nat Charred Beef FL WONF RA07103 Full-bodied beef flavor combined with charred notes reminiscent of the blackened marks from intense heat. 0.30% Dry No Not Kosher
Nat Seared Beef FL WONF RA07082 Delectable, caramelized, beef flavor mimicking beef that has been quickly seared over intense heat. 0.30% Dry No Not Kosher
Nat Braised Beef FL WONF RA13043 Rich, brown, fatty beef profile with seared and charred notes, followed by slowly cooked vegetables (celery, carrots, and onions). Sweet caramelized top notes. 0.50% Dry No Not Kosher
Nat FL Roast Beef Type RA07032 Savory, slow-roasted, browned beef notes. 0.50% Dry Yes Kosher Pareve
Nat Pot Roast FL WONF RA10034 Slow-cooked, melt-in-your-mouth, savory beef pot roast with gentle browned characters. 0.30% Dry No Not Kosher
Nat Prime Rib Beef FL WONF 6151 Meaty, juicy, rich, medium-rare, aged prime rib. Capturing the succulent characters of prime rib. 0.50% Dry No Not Kosher
Nat Wood Fire Ribeye FL WONF RA13044 Imparts a fatty, bloody ribeye character that captures char-grilled notes and smoky aroma reminiscent of cooking over a wood fire. 0.50% Dry No Not Kosher
Nat Charbroiled Tenderloin FL WONF RA15003 Rich, beeft tenderloin cooked to medium rare. Chargrilled and fatty notes as if charbroiled at a traditional steakhouse. 0.50% Dry No Not Kosher
Nat Rare Beef FL WONF RA11020 Light brown roast beef notes paired with the succulent beef notes of the cool red in center of roast or steak. 0.40% Dry No Not Kosher
Nat Churrasco Beef FL WONF RA 16007 Rich succulent heavily seared beef with a slight char and a background carmelized sweet note. .30% Dry No
Smoked Brisket RA17057 A savory, smoky beef flavor with rich fatty, seared notes reminiscent of a long cooked brisket. Attributes include smoky, beefy, char, fatty/tallow, sear and salt. 0.30% Dry Yes Kosher Pareve