Achieves uniform smoke flavor in meat applications through dissolving the Condensed Natural Smoke directly into brine solutions and injecting into the product for uniform dispersion. When working with brine solutions that contain nitrite, it’s important to use a neutralized smoke with adjusted pH to avoid a reaction, which would result in a loss of nitrite in the brine.

Key Benefits:

  • Antioxidant properties from the smoke are evenly distributed throughout entire product, enhancing shelf life
  • Shorter cook cycles for increased throughput
  • No additional equipment investment necessary
  • Perfect for a combination process of traditional smoke and Condensed Natural Smoke to save costs
  • Efficient and cost-effective method of smoke application and enhancing smoke flavor

Product Description Usage Rate Form Vegetarian Kosher Status
RA02031 An applewood-based internal smoke that provides a sweet, ashy smoke profile. 0.14% Brine Soluble Yes Kosher Pareve
AroSmoke 8068 A sweet smoke profile that balances ashy and smoky elements to achieve its traditional-like flavor. 0.06% Brine Soluble Yes Kosher Pareve
CharSol LFBN A water-soluble smoke flavor designed to provide a light ashy smoke taste with some browning potential. 0.25% Brine Soluble Yes Kosher Passover
AroSmoke P-50 A well-rounded, yet robust, hickory smoke profile for internal additions. 0.06% Brine Soluble Yes Kosher Pareve
CharSol PN-9 A partially nuetralized, smoke flavor that provides a robust smoke taste. 0.09% Brine Soluble Yes Kosher Passover