Wood-derived browning solutions lack smoke flavor and offer an elevated browning capability. Browning is created through the Maillard reaction, which produces the typical colors, tastes and flavors associated with baked foods. Unlike a caramel color, the browning is fixed, and cross-links protein reducing purge loss. Cross-linking of proteins is achieved with browning solutions, providing outer layer. In addition to the textural enhancement, cross-linking of proteins can contribute to an increase in texture to the yields. Labeling of wood-derived browning solutions is not required on processed meats. A natural flavor declaration is needed when these browning solutions are used internally.

Product Description Usage Rate Form Vegetarian Kosher Status
CharDex RA08062 A spray dried version of RA04010. 0.15% Dry Yes Kosher Pareve
RA04010 An aqueous solution produced by controlled pyrolysis of wood, with additional processing to minimize / remove flavor and enhance browning capabilities.  Higher browning than VSA or RA03036, with virtually no flavor impact. 0.25% Aqueous Yes Kosher Pareve
RA03036 A (wood) cellulose-derived browning solution made from the pyrolysis of sawdust that will impart excellent browning without any smoke flavor impact.  More refined than VSA and equal in browning capability. Provides excellent browning and texture to multiple foods. 0.25% Aqueous Yes Kosher Pareve
CharSol VSA Condensed Natural Smoke (CNS) with the flavoring component optimized to a low level.  This flavor works best where browning is desired and a very low amount of a smoke flavor is acceptable. This product is acceptable for use with finished meats that can tolerate a minimum amount of smoke or heavy browned notes such as baked turkey breasts, breakfast sausage, artisan sausage preparations and oven cooked food items.  This almost transparent CNS is specifically designed to impart a range of browning color without overpowering the finished product with smoke taste. 0.25% Aqueous Yes Kosher Passover